Search Engine Optimisation

Why search engine optimisation?
Search engines enable people to search for web sites that deal with specific topics. There are literally hundreds of these but there are about a dozen, which are particularly important including Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. that you may already have heard of. Over 70% of websites are discovered via a search engine, so it is vital that your website ranks strongly for all relevant phrases.
The majority of users will only ever visit sites that appear on the first page of results, so without a strong presence on search engines your site will be losing out. If a visitor cannot find your site when searching for relevant terms then they might instead find one of your competitor's sites and become their customer instead. To ensure your site achieves a high ranking on the major search engines you need to consider the following key elements:
  • Text component
    • Tags – title, header, image (alt)
    • Meta – tags, data, description
    • Content – ensuring keywords are prominent in the site’s body text
  • Link component
    • Internal – links within the site from page to page
    • External – links on other sites pointing to your site
  • Popularity component
    • Comparing your keyword intensity with those of competitors.

What can Web Eminent offer?
All of our websites are developed to be accessible to search engines from the ground up and consider all of the above components during the development process.

Also there are certain third party costs that accelerate the process of achieving high rankings and Web Eminent will put forward a set of recommendations should you require. These will not be compulsory but they are likely to be cost justified and see a significant return on your initial investment.